Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Marriage Is Falling Apart: “She Wants the Fairy Tale and Understands It is Not Going to Happen With Kanye” ()

In a shocking turn of occasions, a marriage in between two narcissists — based mostly solely on 1 controlling dressing the other, and a pregnancy much less than a year into the partnership — couldn’t deal with the stress of a traumatic close to-death knowledge/robbery and a psychotic episode. “This final yr has been absolute hell for Kim and created her realize existence is as well short.


She wants the fairy tale and knows it is not going to take place with Kanye.” We know what this implies you’ll have to locate a new song to be your definition of #RelationshipGoals — and we can only picture how hard it is to come across lyrics as romantic as “Bound 2,” which boasts the passionate line, “I want to f–k you hard on the sink.” But with the death of their marriage, Kim could be enjoying a revival of some thing else — her family’s failing actuality show. With ratings of Retaining Up With the Kardashians continually floundering, Kris Jenner “is pressuring Kim to discuss her marriage difficulties on Maintaining Up With the Kardashians .” Well, if we have to live with the truth that Kim and Kanye’s marriage is above, at least we’ll be ready to honor its memory by viewing it fall apart in neatly edited thirty minute episodes — total with cliff-hangers, dramatized commentary, and — if we’re lucky — Kim’s cry encounter. For additional on this, pick up the newest problem of In Touch — and for more information sign up for our newsletter !