Kylie Jenner is almost certainly the coolest girlfriend of all time. Let’s be actual, he hasn’t carried out considerably over the previous couple of many years aside from holding on LIKE HELL to the Kardashian Koattails he’s got his hands on. Like a next generation Scott Disick.

his acceptance and relevance is attributed virtually solely to the fact a person in the Kardashian loved ones has a massive ol’ boner for him. If you want to get super jealous, you ought to observe Kylie’s Snapchat story from a day ago when she gave us a tour of her property, which culminated in a borderline NSFW tour of her “boys’ area.”

The story started out off relatively innocent with her showing off a couple of pieces of artwork that sit in her property. SCREW THAT Art, Even though! Right here is some NEWER art she got. We then took a fast cease more than to a bookshelf where she showed us her silver puppy statues.

These puppies serve as a memorial to all of her other fallen canines — I’m assuming. It’s amazing Kylie can afford the two silver and puppy-skin-covered canines. The actual question, although, is how does Kylie break a psychological sweat? This speedy look into Kylie’s library is each hilariously on brand and weirdly fascinating. Why do Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have books? What could possibly be in any of people books. Kylie’s coffee table assortment is much more on brand than her bookshelf. If I’m not mistaken, she owns a laptop cover that is a pair of shiny boobs. Last but not least, Kylie has a boys’ area in her property, and apparently it is just stacked with nudie mags. To see this video please enable JavaScript, and think about upgrading to a internet browser that supports HTML5 video