Hollywood Medium.Kris Jenner gets Caitlyn-linked message in reading

This story originally appeared on Individuals.com. In a new sneak peek at up coming Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

Kris Jenner sits down with the celebrity clairvoyant medium for the initial time, and she is astounded by “who” comes by way of. “Oh, there is a great deal popping in,” Henry begins to tell her. “I have men and women who are like in-laws coming by means of, I’m pondering, but I do not know. I truly feel like he comes by as a grandfatherly figure.

There is a reference to a William that I have to highlight.” “It helps make sense,” Jenner, 60, says. “Caitlyn [Jenner]’s dad, William, died years in the past.” Henry goes on to clarify that he is being proven an oak tree. Kris instantly understands the refernce, saying, “He was a tree surgeon. His job was trimming trees.” Henry continues probing, saying, “What’s fascinating about this is that William is with a son that is deceased that would have passed away in a automobile accident. Do you know this?”

Caitlyn’s younger brother, Burt Jenner, died in 1976 at the age of 18 soon after tragically crashing the Porsche sports car or truck Caitlyn, now 66, was gifted for winning the Olympic gold medal. She later went on to name her eldest son Burt following her late brother. “The way that this comes across, there’s a feeling that comes by way of with this like, ‘I’m sorry about what the car or truck represented.’ It’s not the auto, it is what it represented,” says Henry. “I don’t know what that signifies, but he’s apologizing not only for the occasion, but for what it represented and how it would have impacted his brother, I’m considering.”

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