KhloéKardashian Hijacks Kris Jenner’s Spiritual Studying: ‘I Want to Scream, “Shut Up Mom!” ‘

In a sneak peek at next Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. the momager sits down with the celebrity clairvoyant medium for the 1st time, but she isn’t alone. Her 32-year-old daughter is viewing the studying from inside the kitchen on dual screens eagerly awaiting the reading through. “Khloé is going to join me, I need two sets of eyes and ears to aid me bear in mind,” Jenner says in an interview.

In the clip, Jenner, 60, and Henry are in the reality star’s residing space chatting and she commences to practically interview him about his existence. “You happen to be 20? You’re my daughter Kendall’s age,” she says. “How extended have you been undertaking this?” When watching from the kitchen, Kardashian gets annoyed and says, “why is she interviewing him?” Meanwhile, Jenner continues to query Henry and asks him “how did you know that your present aided someone else?” “What the f— is her difficulty?”

Kardashian says from the other space. “I want to scream, ‘Shut up mom!’ ” With no finish in website for Jenner’s questions, Kardashian ultimately snaps and yells, “Can he study for you, please?

You are just chatting like it can be Sunday brunch! Let him do his, like, he is so magical.” Jenner jokingly says, “Oh, wow. She’s dropping her mind.

Will not give her any more alcohol!” “I am just so excited to hear what he’s going to say,” Kardashian says back. Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesday (eight p.m ET) on E!