The 32-year-previous reality star just can not catch a break.

Following many years of being referred to as the “fat” Kardashian sister. Khloe has gotten into unbelievable shape more than the previous handful of years, claiming she’s lost all over forty lbs. But now, some web sites are saying that she’s taken her weight reduction as well far. Khloe voiced her frustrations on Twitter Thursday morning, upset more than the reality that she just can’t win above the media at any bodyweight. I want to don’t forget the date today.

In no way would I have ever imagined I would be in the media for becoming “also skinny”. What on earth.

First I’m also excess fat and now I’m too skinny. I really like this game!! Following she tweeted, fans speedily rushed to comfort Khloe on her several social media accounts. “You’re not ‘too’ anything, just usually the great sum of you,” 1 fan tweeted, although another wrote, “You appear wonderful and you are fully my physique inspiration,” in a heartfelt Instagram comment. Khloe advised Folks that, expanding up, she knew she looked distinct than her sisters. but her household made positive she often felt “beautiful.”

But as quickly as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” hit airwaves in 2007, issues transformed. “Right just before the present commenced, I considered I was in very good shape, but I guess not good sufficient for Hollywood’s eyes,” Khloe stated. “I did not recognize I was the ‘fat’ sister until finally I went on Television and the media started saying that about me.” Even though Khloe no longer will get teased for that reason, becoming the “right” weight in Hollywood is a delicate stability, with ladies in the public eye typically facing unsettling amounts of pressure.

Female celebrities possibility getting fat-shamed if they ever get a handful of lbs ― like Selena Gomez when she posted this Instagram ― but are torn apart in tabloids if they eliminate too substantially bodyweight. It would seem like there is no winning.