Sisters At War!Kourtney Kardashian Blasts Khloe, Calls Her A ‘F***ing B****’

On last night’s episode of Retaining Up With the Kardashians. the Kardashian/Jenner clan headed to Vail, Colorado, for a warm and fuzzy reunion. But by the end of the luxury getaway, the household felt a lot more fractured than ever. As per usual, the drama was sparked by the family members black sheep, brother Rob. 29. However the reclusive sock designer was scheduled to attend the trip with absolutely everyone else, he backed out final minute, leaving mom Kris and the sisters “disappointed.” “It tends to make me so unhappy that Rob’s not coming on the ski journey,” Kris, 60, informed the cameras, in a seemingly genuine moment. “Making an additional memory with no him truly breaks my heart.”

At first, every person had a great time skiing.

eating candy, and playing Cards Towards Humanity with old buddies the Kolkers and the Kraines. (The three families would travel to Vail each and every Thanksgiving with Kourtney. Kim. Khloe and Rob’s father, Robert Sr.. right up until his sudden death in 2003.) But Khloe, 31, couldn’t assist but really feel bummed about Rob’s absence. “I can’t quit considering about my brother,” she explained. “He’s the one piece of the puzzle that is missing.” Khloe’s sadness soon turned to anger when she and her sisters discovered via social media one morning that Rob had proposed to new girlfriend Blac Chyna behind their backs. “We had been talking to him at dinner last evening!”

she fumed. “It’s so f***ed up he did that.”

Kim, 35, agreed, slamming Rob’s move as “hurtful.” “My brother is the happiest I’ve seen him in a lengthy time, and I hope everything is real and sincere,” she told the cameras. “Why trigger any tension or add any drama?” She then told Khloe probably Rob didn’t share the information due to the fact she and other household members had been so “judgmental.” “I consider he’s a lunatic,” Khloe countered. “That’s exactly why he did not inform you, because you’a re f***ing b****!” Kourtney snapped.