Kourtney Kardashian Only Moisturizes ‘About Once a Week’

Um, what? Kourtney Kardashian exposed that hydrating her skin isn’t a key part of her attractiveness schedule. In truth, she only does it four instances a month. “I don’t moisturize my face quite typically, only about once a week at evening,” she advised Cosmopolitan United kingdom. “My skin isn’t that dry, so my dermatologist told me just to use moisturizer when I come to feel like my skin requirements it.” When she does reach for a hydrating helper, it’s not your common lotion or eye cream. “Instead…I like to use oils on my eyelids and underneath my eyes at nighttime,” she said. “The skin about your eyes is so thin, I discover lotions to be a bit significantly and desire the feeling of oils as an alternative.” Her favored oil is also her younger sister Khloé’s go-to. “The all-natural things [is the ideal bargain]. I really like employing coconut oil for everything,” the mom of three explained. “You can virtually use it on your hair, skin, physique, it does everything.”

Even though the Trying to keep Up With the Kardashians star rarely moisturizes, she constantly sleeps with a satin pillowcase. “I have accomplished [this] for like twenty years,” she mentioned. “Khloé’s godmother, who passed away a prolonged time ago, utilised to inform us that we must usually sleep with a satin pillowcase as it’s greater for your skin and hair, so I have done ever because.” Other skincare items in her arsenal contain Manuka Medical doctor’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser ਊnd Gold Dust Firming Serum (she’s a spokesperson for the brand), and EltaMD sunscreen. advised by her dermatologist. What do you feel of Kourtney’s moisturizing regimen?

source www.usmagazine.com