Kendall Jenner Initial Planet Problems—Closet Too Little In 1.4M Condo

The twenty-yr-outdated actuality star-turned-model is the Queen of first planet difficulties.

As evidenced by the latest horrible and troubling cross she’s been forced to bear—a closet too modest to keep all her substantial end designer duds. Apparently, the closet space problem is SO dire, she has to GASP! clean it out after each and every two months, and throw out a ton of the over-priced shit she just can not support acquiring. It’s hard at my condo because I don’t have ample closet area. Certainly, it’s difficult out here for a reality mom pimp’s daughter. Jenner goes on to insist she’s NOT a hoarder—she just has a ton of shit. However, she insists that the objects she throws out bi-monthly don’t go to waste: I clean out my closets once every two months. I’m not a hoarder!

If I haven’t worn it, then it is time to go and that’s that.

What ever I really do not auction for charity, I give to the Goodwill.

It’s a consistent process to preserve the garments from taking over my spot.

When it comes to selfless acts of offering, the Kardashian “charity auctions” are questionable to say the least. As Popdust previously reported. both Kendall’s little sister, Kylie. and massive half-sister, Kim.

have come below the spotlight for the measly volume of their “charity auction” proceeds that really goes to charity. Last 12 months, Kylie auctioned off a shed load of her previous shit on eBay—with a whopping 10 % of the proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

And, back in 2013, Kim was slammed for only a paltry ten % of her “charity” promote off going to victims of the Philippines typhoon.

At the time, Kardashian, who is really worth $85 million, whined : I do not publicize every thing I do to help charities and men and women all over the planet. So for folks to attack me for providing ten% of my eBay auction product sales to the people of the Philippines, that hurts. I do eBay auctions regular monthly and modify the charity or church from time to time.

I give 10% of all my earnings to charities, not just these eBay auctions. This month it is for the individuals of the Philippines, last month was Life Alter Community Church. Ah, she’s the intercourse tape present that just keeps on giving.

She might not have adequate closet area to retailer all her in excess of-priced shit in. But, she does have a two,000 square foot luxury condominium, with a huge open kitchen, two large sunny bedrooms, a dining room, and massive living space. She also has spectacular views of L.A. a 24-hour valet, a doorman, a concierge, a heated pool, a fitness spot, and a wine storage area. For far more entertainment, music and pop culture updates and news, follow Max Page on Twitter