OMG!Is Kim and Kanye’s marriage at breaking point?!

They celebrated their two-12 months wedding anniversary on 24 Could but as these photos present, the honeymoon time period is undoubtedly in excess of for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now caught up with the couple on their whirlwind 4-day tour of Europe and we can verify that it was critically awkward.

Standing outside London’s swish Dorchester Hote l on 21 Might, Kim, 35, and Kanye, 38, couldn’t hide their emotions as they left for the Vogue Festival’s Style, Friendship And Fabulous Lashes occasion. ‘Kim was taking selfies with fans and was getting irritated at Kanye dragging his feet behind her,’ an eyewitness tells Now. ‘She certainly wanted to get into the vehicle and leave, [so she] turned to Kanye and tried to usher him to hurry up and move but he did not seem bothered.

They stood on the pavement for about five minutes, it was like they had been having a stand-off. Kim was not happy with him, she couldn’t stop scowling.’ And neither could Kanye, for the rest of their trip. Even when they landed back at LAX on 24 May possibly, Kanye could barely raise a smile and Kim looked similarly strained. So what’s going on? ‘This is the roughest patch they’ve gone via in months,’ a loved ones friend tells Now. ‘Their marriage is hanging by a thread.

It’s been genuinely negative since Kanye posted individuals tweets about Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa ’s son in January. Kim feels like she’s spending all her time managing his crises.

She says it’s like becoming married to a madman. He’s irrational, illogical and can’t manage his anger.’ But it is not just Kanye leading to troubles. A 2nd insider adds: ‘Kim’s mood swings are commencing to really hit a nerve with Kanye. He thinks she’s as well self-absorbed. She spends three hrs getting dressed and has been throwing fits when she doesn’t get her personal way. Kim talking about obtaining much more cosmetic work done is upsetting for him also because of what took place to his mum Donda, but Kim’s not listening.’

Following their mini-break, the pair returned to the US and went back to the residence they share with Kim’s mum, Kris Jenner – one more sticking stage. ‘Everyone thinks Kim’s having big regrets about the marriage and she’s too scared to move in with him on her very own,’ our source says. ‘Kanye can not understand why they are nonetheless living at Kris’s while their mansion stands empty but to everyone else, it’s fairly clear.

All of this drives him crazy and he’s been investing a lot more time in Paris in which he’s desperate to move to. He needs her to quit the family’s present and focus on her marriage, but she won’t go and refuses to minimize business ties with her household.’

For Kanye, there’s one particular solution to their marital problems: yet another little one.

Crazy, when you believe Kim only gave birth to their second kid, Saint, six months in the past. ‘There’s only one particular thing Kanye wants and that’s another child.

When Kim did four pregnancy tests, it was because she was panicking so considerably – she was dreading a constructive result.

She was so relieved when it was unfavorable. There’s no way she’s going via yet another pregnancy.

Kanye won’t allow it go and it is pushing Kim to the edge.’