Khloe Kardashian: Kris Jenner Is the World’s Largest LIAR!!

No 1 could ever accuse Khloe Kardashian of holding back her emotions. In a preview clip for this Sunday’s Retaining Up With the Kardashians, Khloe tears her own mom Kris Jenner a new 1 for assisting Rob Kardashian acquire a residence. Khloe begins by telling her mom, “You are one particular of the world’s most significant. ” “Enablers,” Kris says, finishing her daughter’s sentence. “I’m not a liar. No, he has the funds for the down payment,” explains Kris in defense. “What did I do now, why are you so angry all the time?” she asks Khloe, as Kourtney wisely checks her telephone.

Kris Jenner: 11 Occasions The Kardashian Matriarch Was Fed Up With Her Youngsters Khloe starts to cough in disbelief at her mother’s words.

In her confessional, Khloe explains that she’s irked since when she allowed Rob to reside with her, Kris accused her of enabling him. (Although Rob purportedly had a sock business going, he largely hid out in his space and collected dust for 3 many years.) “I would have such deep fights in my loved ones since I was ‘enabling’ Rob by letting him live with me,” says Khloe. “And then the one particular particular person who yelled at me the most, which is my mom, now she’s helping Rob?” she continues. Ahhh, it really is instances like these that lead to a total-fledged Krisplosion, as evidenced in a previous clip in which the momager is fed up with her kids’ BS and tells all of them to f**k off.