Caitlyn Jenner employs women’s area at Trump hotel, posts video – | Steady Information Coverage | Corpus Christi

NEW YORK (AP) – Caitlyn Jenner has taken up Donald Trump’s provide and utilised the women’s restroom at one particular of his luxury buildings. The Republican presidential candidate stated last week that he believes transgender men and women ought to be ready to use whichever bathroom they decide on. Trump mentioned North Carolina’s so-referred to as “bathroom law,” which directs transgender men and women to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates, has triggered unnecessary strife. Trump said that if Jenner – who won an Olympic gold medal as Bruce Jenner – have been to stroll into Trump Tower, she could use whichever bathroom she wanted. Alternatively, Jenner used the women’s area – without incident – at the Trump Global Hotel and Tower in Manhattan. She posted a video titled “Bathroom Break” on her Facebook web page.