Kylie Jenner being caught taking mirror selfies is our new fave video ever

Being the queen of all things selfie-associated. you may possibly envision that Kylie Jenner’s endless sultry duck faces come really naturally these days – but we have got proof that even a professional like Kylie has a camera roll complete of practice pics on her phone. She was caught red-handed by brother Rob Kardashian yesterday while taking selfies in the bathroom mirror, and his Snapchat vid of the awkward incident is now our fave video of all time. With her pout the size of your average lilo and unrivalled abilities in the artwork of excellent posing, Kylie just can’t resist nabbing a new selfie for her collection each time a mirrored object looms on the horizon. Who can blame a gal?

So, sensing that she was lost in a planet of sedutive eyes and sticky-out-bums although taking her pic, Rob knew this was the excellent moment to capture Kylizzle in her most normal habitat.

The best portion is that she’s so hypnotized by her personal face that Rob calls out Kylie 3 instances and she Nevertheless isn’t going to realise he is behind her, meaning that her eventual reaction when she does flip close to is just past excellent. Like a notably glamorous rabbit caught in headlights. Check out the vid for oneself : Why is this so weirdly hypnotizing? We can not end viewing this marvel. Ever carried out a Kylie and been caught at the prime selfie moment?

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