Kanye West’s “Celebrity Supersedes His Talent,” According To DJ Quik

DJ Quik says Kanye West’s celebrity outweighs his talent, while speaking on The Existence Of Pablo Compton musician DJ Quik posed a series of queries about Kanye West and the rapper’s The Existence Of Pablo album, for the duration of an appearance on NoahTV. In regards to 1 particular query, whether or not or not Kanye’s celebrity supersedes his talent, DJ Quik responded with “yes.” “Kanye so scared he do not know what to do with the fuckin’ Life Of Pablo ,” DJ Quik said. “Let’s just hold this all the way fuckin’ a hundred. Do you believe it deserves all the hype though? Is this the sort of album that you would genuinely want to go buy to pay attention and go house to and just [be bragging] to everybody? So, his celebrity supersedes his talent correct now? Yes. Come on, he’s a Kardashian now. What the fuck?” “This is a challenge. This ain’t a diss. It is just a challenge. Make your ideal music. Simply because fans are not stupid. They’re just not,” he stated. DJ Quik is expected to release new music of his own in the really close to future. Each DJ Quik and Dilemma are scheduled to release their collaborative EP, Rosecrans. later right now (April twenty). Video of DJ Quik speaking on Kanye West’s celebrity outweighing his talent, can be found below.

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source hiphopdx.com