View Hailey Baldwin Prank Kendall Jenner Into Considering She Misplaced Her Phone

Hailey Baldwin stopped by E! News for an interview with Jason Kennedy earlier this week. Naturally, considering that she has a ton of well-known pals, Jason decided that there would be nothing at all funnier than Hailey prank calling one particular of them, and Hailey was entirely down for the result in. The prank: Persuade Hailey’s celeb friend that Jason was an Uber driver who had recovered Hailey’s telephone in the back of their automobile. The target: Ashley Benson. Only issue is, Ashley did not choose up the phone and Hailey and Jason believed their plan had been foiled. But then, as if it was written in the stars for this hilarious prank to go down, Kendall Jenner named Hailey out of nowhere and the prank was set in movement. Hilarity obviously ensued.

Simply because when Kendall recognized that a stranger had Hailey’s mobile phone (which probably is made up of a ton of personal celebrity contacts), Kendall had to feel on her feet and came up with a super-spy level fake identity in buy to persuade the Uber driver to hold onto Hailey’s telephone until she could figure out how to acquire it with out revealing that she was Kendall Jenner and that the Uber driver had stumbled on a goldmine of celebrity contacts.