Finish It Now!Kris Jenner Tells Khloe To Divorce Lamar

“Kris talks all the time to Khloe about Lamar and she pointed out that Khloe isn’t that concerned in Lamar’s life on a day-to-day basis,” a supply close to the predicament told Radar. Kardashian dropped everything to be by Odom’s side following his overdose, and referred to as off their divorce at that time, but the source informed Radar that Jenner is now laying down the law. “Kris is telling Khloe that it is time to end items with Lamar, ” the source explained. “There was a reason to be in charge of him medically for a although, but that time has passed.”

The supply also told Radar that Odom’s recent booze binge contributed to Jenner pushing her daughter to get out of the romantic relationship. “Kris genuinely loves Lamar. She loves all of her little ones and their partners, but she does not consider that Khloe has a long term with Lamar.

And she isn’t going to want her to wait close to for him any longer,” the source explained.

The supply told Radar that Jenner believes that her daughter is not fulfilled in the relationship with Odom. “Khloe has informed Kris that she needs to get married and have babies, like her sisters, and Kris gently informed her that she didn’t believe that was achievable with Lamar any longer,” in accordance to the insider. “That perhaps he had also many issues for them to have a effective life collectively.”